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Payment Portals & Online Payment Pages

Bridge Capital Partners has built hundreds of payment pages and ecommerce connections for our clients. It is the easiest way to collect money while providing a convenient option for your customers. We build simple payment pages, customized to look and feel like your website- one-time fee starting at $500. Click Here to See an example from our client Ross, Stuart and Dawson.

In addition, we have more elaborate online payment and bill presentment options. These feature tools to capture written authorizations, store payment histories, send email reminders, connect to IVR Payment Systems, and much more. Call and Ask One of our Payment Experts about our Ikey Product.

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Software Integrations & APIs

Debt Collection software integrations have been the bedrock of our business. It is one of the most effective ways for a Debt Collection Agency to increase payments and efficiency. Software Integrations help you take “live” payments, where successful transactions automatically post to accounts; so, no double entry. See our list of Debt Collection Software Integrations. We are also integrated with popular accounting software like Quickbooks. If you would like to connect one of our payment gateways to your system, we can help you connect with secure and powerful APIs.

custom programming coding development

Custom Coding & Development

If you are looking for any kind of customized payment solution, BCP can help you. We have helped clients setup the most elaborate online payment systems for bill payment and presentments. Several of our clients serve the major student loans providers, and we help them make it easy for students to make payments to all their loans, or a select few, while directing deposits to the right trust accounts. In addition, we can connect payment applications to IVR, email, and mobile. BCP charges $100/hr for custom development + resources used.

wordpress website development

Wordpress Websites

Bridge Capital Partners has built several websites, and we are particularly good at developing WordPress websites. Projects start at $2500. The following are some examples of websites we have built: Pitchinghacks.co , Scope.la, Styleandpose.com, OfferSavvy.com, and of course Bcpartners-llc.com

Websites, Payment Apps, Custom Coding!

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